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Today there is no place for such thing as a discussion about whether sport is necessary for us. The students of Russian University of Cooperation successfully combine intellectual art, study, scientific research and doing sport. Tradition of students life are mixed with new likings and preferences. However, the core is still the same, all students want to be strong, brave, hardy. So, they have a perfect opportunity to do sport in different sport clubs and sections.

Healthy life-style of the students is a part and parcel of the educational process in Russian University of Cooperation. Chair of Physical Education motivates student to do sport and be healthy by organizing of different sport events and competitions.

Every year, in November, the competition «Funny starts» holds, in which first-year students, advanced students and Stuff takes place. Thesporteventwith the participation of the students from different departments takes place every year before Defender of the Fatherland Day. There are many visitors in these events and the students, the stuffs and fans are among them. In the University there are students who do extreme sports, for example, skateboarding.

Also, our students play volleyball, basketball, go skiing, do judo. As they say participation is more important than victory but let us hope that our students will have high sport results and the positive of friendly matches will result in creating a professional of a high caliber who areboth skillful and in a good physical shape.