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Rector's Page

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Andrey Busygin,
Doctor of Economics, professor,
Rector of the Russian University of Cooperation

Dear friends!

Welcome to the official website of the Russian University of Cooperation!

Russian University of Cooperation (RUK) - a major educational and scientific center of system of cooperative education in Russia. Founder of the University - Central Council of Co-operatives of the Russian Federation.

The University is a unique educational establishment – there is no similar one to train stuff for consumer cooperatives in any country in the world taking into account its traditions, resources and potential. We have a great opportunity to combine theory with a rich experience of cooperation of different countries and to prepare professionals who are guaranteed to find a decent job and will develop the economy of our country.

In 2012, the Russian University of Cooperation celebrated its 100th anniversary. Today, the university has much to be proud of and to rely on - it is rich in tradition and years of experience in training stuff for co-operatives. All these years, the University has been keeping pace with the times, developing new ideas and technologies, and today it continues progressive motion. RUC not only carefully preserves the best traditions of Russian education, but also takes an active part in its improvement and modernization. Thanks to the dedicated work of teachers Russian University of Cooperation traditionally ranks high among economic high schools in Russia and educational programs implemented in it, not once were considered the best in the country.

Russian University of Cooperation today - is one of the largest private accredited universities. It has 17 branches across the country under the auspices of the Head university, which is a methodological and organizational "heart" of the university. The branch network of the main cooperative institution of the country was created in the interests and at the urging of national, provincial and regional Unions of consumer co-operatives..

Development of RUC branch network was progressive: Kaliningrad branch was established in 1949, Krasnodar - in 1960, the Volga and Cheboksary - in 1962. In 1976 Saransk branch was opened, Kazan – in 1987.The rest of the branches were established in the 1990s and early 2000s. The objectives of the regional consumer co-operatives, who sought expansion of the branch network of the university, are relevant up to this day: training of qualified personnel for system of consumer co-operatives, reducing the number of unemployed young people, especially in rural areas, increasing the level of its social protection.

Today, more than 40 000 students from all over Russia study at our university, in which highly qualified teaching staff works.

Each student of Russian University of Cooperation will get a strong theoretical base and practical skills to build a successful career, and also find some like activity in their free time. To study at our university is not easy, but very interesting.