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The quality management system

In the medium term Program of socio-economic development of the Russian Federation it is noted that the current education system does not fully meet the needs of the individual, society and labour market. Taking this into consideration priorities can be determined: legislative support of modernization of the education system; bringing the content and structure of vocational training in line with the current needs of the individual, society, and the labour market; improving accessability to quality educational services; creating the quality management system of education (QMS). The QMS is a subsystem of the General system of University management, the fundamental measure to ensure the undeniable competitive advantage of the University. Like any system, it is characterized by its purpose, structure, composition of elements and connections between them. Prerequisite for the functioning of QMS is the formation of policies and objectives in the field of quality and the achievement of these goals. Certified quality management system allows partners to build trust and understanding in the market of educational services and the labour market.