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Museum of cooperation

eanov.jpgYanov Evgeniy Dmitrievich

Head of Scientific and Educational Centre Museum of the History of Cooperation

The Museum of the History of Cooperation was founded in 1966.

The idea of the creation of a kind of museum appeared in 1913, when Professor Antsiferov made a statement that it was vital to create a museum to preserve cooperatives knowledge and development of cooperative ideology.

Today, the Museum is located in one of the buildings of Russian University of Cooperation. The exposition includes documents, materials and other exhibits which describe performance of different types of cooperation such as consumer, agricultural, credit, industrial cooperation. Thehistoryofcooperativetrainingandeducationispresentedwidely. The exposition is dated from XIX to XXI centuries. The main stages of cooperative movement in Russia and abroad are shown and the regional cooperation attracts particular attention. In the Museum archives there are famous works of the recognizable cooperative personalities dated the beginning of XX centuries such as S.N.Prokopovich, V.N.Zelgeym, K.A.Pazhitnov and others.

There are permanent exhibitions in the Museum: «The Creators of Cooperation», «Decembrists are at the beginning of cooperative movement», «Development of credit cooperation in XIX century», «First industrial cooperatives in Russia», «Union forms of cooperative movement», «International cooperative alliance», «Cooperative movement during the Great Patriotic War», «Cooperative education in Russia», «Russian University of Cooperation».

The Museum is a scientific and educational centre which is the base for scientific meetings, seminars, museum lectures with using innovative multi-media equipment. The most valuable historical documents are published. The Museum helps researchers to find materials for the research.

The Museum is ready to give its rooms for exhibitions, meetings, scientific seminars, presentation of monographic publications.