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The scientific Library of the University was founded in 1948 on the basis of the Library of High Cooperative School and High Pedagogical Institute of Centrosoyuz. At that time there was only 32 thousand books in the library and there were three hundred members only.

Today, the Library offers information and a consulting service and more than half of a million units are available. All members of the Library have an access to information resources of national and foreign public houses: University Library on line, the system IPRbooks, the e library of RGB dissertations, and others.

The whole range of information resources can be found in every library of the University from any computer connected to the Internet. Currently users of the library of the University have 6 electronic databases, including more than 24 thousand books, more than 100 titles of periodicals and publications 30 titles Statistics. There are full-text databases educational publications and the most valuable books on the theory and history of cooperation. Each user of the library network already has access to the resource c at any location where there is Internet access. Significant increase in the information provided will definitely help the students and teachers in their educational and scientific activities.

In the Library you can withdraw any book needed for your study as well as any interesting fiction book you might desire.

In the electronic reading hall, the library members have an access to various Internet and electronic resources which may help them in their study, work and scientific research.

In the reading hall for academic Staff, you would be able to consult any book or other materials needed, concerning catalogues and electronic data bases. The readers can use a service for documents via electronic delivery and receive a digital version of the document.

The main information resource is the Library web-site. The web-site allows users to have an access to all information resources of the Library, book stores and electronic resources, virtual exhibition, book reviews and many other.

The Library of the University is the methodical centre which control the work and performance of the branch libraries. As an integrated information centre, the Library has been combining functions and services of a traditional library with providing users with any sort of information served by electronic and IT resources. The Library facilitates the work of branch libraries using mails, post, phone, IP and Skype.

Today the main goals of the Library are creating and saving information resources; delivering required information to both Staff and students.