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About the University

Russian University of Cooperation today - is the main educational and scientific center of the cooperative education system in Russia, it is rich in tradition and years of experience in training cadre Central Council of the Russian Federation is the Founder of the University.

Russian University of Cooperation has the right to conduct educational activities according to educational programs of secondary vocational education, higher education, professional training programs as well as programs of additional vocational training and further education of children and adults and the provision of education documents (according to the sample established by the Ministry of Higher Education) to graduates who have confirmed mastering of appropriate educational program at the State final examination.

In the ranking of universities in Moscow, our university traditionally ranks high. Modern lecture rooms and specialized laboratories, computer labs and language labs, auditoriums, equipped with interactive facilities, incline students to creative work. Library funds of educational, scientific and fiction literature are constantly updated and replenished. Winter Garden, dormitory, canteen, a sports complex, a youth cultural center constantly work for students, graduate students, teachers.

Tens of thousands of students are currently enrolled at the university and its affiliates. The regional network of the Russian University of Cooperation has branches from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, including Cheboksary, Saransk, Volga, Volgograd, Kazan, Krasnodar, Bashkir cooperative institutes (branches).

The university has a system of effective lifelong learning, which includes pre-university education, secondary vocational, higher education, training of the teaching staff at postgraduate and doctoral studies, advanced training and retraining of specialists courses.

The high level of training allows graduates of the University to apply their knowledge, abilities in various fields of national economy, the state, the municipal administration, cooperatives, joint stock companies, financial structures.

In accordance with the rating of the Ministry of Education and Science, University is among the ten leading Russian economic institutes. Russian university of cooperation is included in the book «Handbook Federal Register. Education in Russia».

We invite you to participate in our educational, scientific, youth and international projects and programs.

Honorable guests

Fedor Emelianenko

Fedor Emelianenko

President of the Union of mixed martial arts MMA Russia, multiple world heavyweight champion in MMA , four-time world champion and seven-time champion of Russia in combat sambo, Honoured Master of Sports in Sambo and world-class athlete in judo, Adviser to the Minister of Sports of the Russian Federation

"We have got warm friendly relations with the Russian University of Cooperation. Its students are actively involved in martial arts, achieve high results, it pleases and inspires. Sports team of the Russian University of Cooperation is well known by professionals in Russia and abroad. University Rector Vladimir A. Krivoshey always meets halfway our good undertakings".

Aleksand Petrikov

Aleksand Petrikov

State Secretary – Deputy Ministerof Agriculture of the Russian Federation

«The restart of relation between the state and Tsentrosoyuz of the Russian Federation gives new perspectives to the University in the sphere of training specialists for the modern economy»

Ekaterina Semenova

Ekaterina Semenova

The Minister of Consumer Market and Services of Moscow Region

«Over the years the University is very active in the implementation of state programmes and socially important projects»